Baťa's canal - river Morava

Rohatec (SK) - Strážnice - Veselí nad Moravou - Uherské Hradiště - Spytihněv - Napajedla - Otrokovice - Kroměříž

If you visit Napajedel, the Bata´s Canal is definitely worth a visit, as it offers many possibilities for sailing, water tourism and cycling.

The Bata´s Canal is a historic waterway built in 1935-1938, 52 km long, connecting Otrokovice with Rohatec. Currently it connects Rohatec and Kroměříž in Slovakia, i.e. the areas of Záhorie (SK), Slovácko, Zlín and Luhačovice and Kroměříž.

Its water route is partly along the Morava River, otherwise through artificially dug canals with a number of movable weirs, locks and other water structures. As a visitor to the Bata Canal, you can rent a small boat, kayak, motorboat or houseboat, or you can choose to cruise on a cruise ship. You don’t need a licence to sail on a boat or houseboat, and the boat rental companies will give you proper training from qualified staff. A combination of a bike tour and boat transport is ideal.

The current timetable of the Morava and more about the Bata´s Canal can be found HERE.

There are countless water activities on the Bata´s canal, so come and see for yourself.

Bike trips - an ideal choise for families

Kroměříž - Napajedla - Hodonín

An ideal cycle path along the Baťa Canal, which is more than 80 km long and leads from Kroměříž to Hodonín, is ideal for undemanding cycling.

It is suitable for families with children, tourists, cyclists, in-line skaters, seniors and the disabled, who will certainly appreciate the almost absolute level and clear terrain.

The bike path is connected to the cycling routes leading to Chřiby, Hostýnské vrchůči in the White Carpathians, which offer various terrains and interesting destinations.

Thanks to the connection of the trail to other cycling routes, you can comfortably visit, for example, Buchlovice Castle, Buchlov Castle, Archbishop’s Castle and Gardens in Kroměříž, Velehrad, Archeoskanzen Modrá, wine cellars in Mařatice or Uherské Hradiště. In addition, the trail is followed by a network of popular Moravian wine trails.

You can find selected cycling routes around Napajedel for both road and MTB cycling in the map application. In the upper left corner, just select from the menu how you want your bike trip to look like and you are ready for adventure!

If you do not have your own bike with you, it is not a problem to rent it in Napabike.

The Cyril and Methodius route not only for pilgrims

Visla (POL) - Napajedla - Velehrad

With more than 3000 km of hiking trails, the trail blurs the line between pilgrim and tourist. The long-distance routes of the Cyril and Methodius route connect the main pilgrimage sites in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Italy. The trail passes through vast forests, over mountain ranges, along lakes and past villages and historical sites. The surface of the trail alternates with gravel paths, forest and dirt roads, asphalt and trails.

How do you recognize this route? In the Czech and Slovak Republics, the signposts of the Czech Tourist Club and the Slovak Tourist Club have dark blue stickers with the white symbol of the Cyril and Methodius route. The routes are also marked on, which is also accessible offline. In the landscape, the Cyril and Methodius routes are marked in both directions.

If you are looking for another dimension besides healthy exercise in the fresh air. Perhaps the Cyril and Methodius route is the right direction for you.